Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baby Gray the story continues...

I scheduled an appointment to see a baby doctor A.S.A.P. and wouldn't you know it the soonest they had was Christmas Eve! Scott had the day off and I got the day off and we headed to the Dr. I knew I was pregnant. Scott still had his doubts in the home pregnancy tests and I knew that he wouldn't be convinced until he heard the Doctor declare it.Since I had no idea how far along I was they wanted to do an ultrasound which sounded just fine to us! We walked down the hall and waited for what felt like eternity for the doctor to come in. They did the ultrasound and sure enough there was a little blob on the screen! The doctor got excited and turned to us and said there's your little peanut! Merry Christmas! We were able to see the little heartbeat and found out that I was 6weeks along!! The doctor left the room and Scott embraced me and we both cried tears of joy and excitement!!
We couldn't wait to share the good news with our parents! We called my parents and made them put the phone on speaker so we could tell both of them at the same time! They were so excited! Scott and I hurried home to his parents house to tell them.Of course they weren't home and I was jumping up and down and running around the house so full of joy and excitement!! After about ten minutes I couldn't take it any longer and had to know where they were! They were out running errands! But they assured me they would be home soon! The week before the appointment I had done a little shopping and I got a baby t-shirt that said my Grandpa is the best, this was for Old Man to open :) I also had found a picture frame that Said "I love my Grandma" I put a picture of the ultrasound in this frame for Suzanne. I had the presents wrapped and put on the couch and in Old Mans chair.
When they finally got home I insisted that they open them early Christmas I said! They COULDN'T WAIT! They opened them! Both of their mouths fell open they were shocked, they almost didn't believe me until they saw the tears in Scott's eyes. Then we all hugged and cried and hugged some more. :)

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