Friday, November 18, 2011

Trip to Wyoming

I've packed everything that I can think of {I'm a 'just in case' packer...I've got extra outfits, extra underwear, camera, extra batteries, blankets, dog food, flashlight, toothbrushes, tampons, shoes, lots of Christmas presents, books, makeup, scarves and winter clothes, brownies, crafting supplies, lotion, candy and my knitting ...I've made treats for the car. I'm dressed and ready for the day. Shuga is all packed and had her harness on... So now I'm listening to Guns N' Roses and I'm waiting for Colter to get done with school for the day. {best friends little bro that's making the trip home with us} For Scott to get home from work so he can pack the car {he gets OCD about how we pack it} and I'm waiting for Ryan to get done with work. I can't wait to go home :) Shuga has been funny all morning she know something is up. She's been hiding and then waiting by the door shaking. I packed some of her stuff yesterday and as I'd put it in the bag she would get in the bag and pull it right back out and then look at me like what do you think you're doing with my stuff haha she's so silly. I think we're all but ready to go! Lot's of pictures to come! Happy Thanksgiving ya'll

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I can't wait to go home! I can't wait to hug my mom or snuggle my sisters!! I can't wait to breath frigid mountain air! I miss the mountains and the way the wind whistles through the snow crusted trees. I need worn our two lane highways that lead home and back. I need frosted window panes that glow with the warmth of love. I yearn for snowy fields. For a babbling brook. For familiar soft faces and kind hands.
I'm sick of traffic and cars as far as I can see. I'm tired of too many people, strangers with tired eyes. I need a few less city lights that choke out the night.
I want a break from the hustle of city living. From the labors of the day.
My heart needs to go home to rest and to find itself.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

October, Halloween and such!!

I had my 21st birthday party this year :D I don't feel much older or cooler seeing as I don't drink. I had more of a birthday week this year thanks to my wonderful amazing handsome hardworking fun crazy partying loving hubs!! The Sunday before my birthday we had a family dinner and cake to kick off the week. Monday night we went to dinner at Red Robin's my favorite :) We ate lots of candy all week and ate out several more times! On my actual birthday he got me 2 dozen roses and some lilies. 2 dozen balloons and a box of 800 gum balls! Not to mention a beautiful pair of diamond earrings!! My awesome in laws got me a gum ball machine!! That night all of my brother and sister in laws and my mother and father in law and Scott and I went to Red Robin again lol to have work my amazing coworker Kayla made me an awesome birthday cupcake!!

This year I went to my first pumpkin patch! My wonderful in laws and Ryann and Jason and Scott and I made a day of it. We had so much fun! We picked out a few pumpkins and according to Scott took too many pictures ;) {never enough if you ask me} We then went to this town called Sumner to eat lunch at this little hole in the wall burger joint. In Sumner they have several antique shops that I've been dying to check out so we spent the rest of the afternoon antiquing :D {this is one of favorite kinds of shopping to do}

Hilarious items found while on the antique hunt!

Later in the week Maija, Nathan and sweet baby Emily along with Ryan and Cassie all came over to carve our pumpkins. We got our a few power tools and really made a night of it.

On halloween day we had a costume contest at work...and yours truly took first place and won a $50 prepaid visa gift card!! Can I get a Wooty woot!

Also this month thanks to my new obsession with pinterest I found this adorable cupcake idea :) loved the way that they turned out!!