Sunday, March 28, 2010

Be a winner, eat your Dinner!

I kiss better then I cook and thats why Scott and Matt made dinner tonight!!! Matt (scott's roommate) and Scott made Me and Cameo (matt's girlfriend)dinner It was amazing!! Steak, fetticini noodles, asparagus, salad, strawberry soothies and best of all texas toast!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random People I love

Instead of writting the religion paper that I have due today i'm blogging, oops. Well these are just a few of the people who touch my life who I love dearly and miss dearly when we are not together!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scott...Aubree and Sunshine!

I must say that I have the best fiancee in this whole wide world! So I went to pick scott up from class this afternoon and he informs me that we need to stop by Wal-Mart. Me being the blonde that I am don't think twice about it. Even though we went to Wal-Mart last evening. So we're driving along singing to the radio and doing our own thing when it hits me that we did all of our shopping last night we don't have a reason to go to the store...So I ask Scott. What do you need at Wal-Mart and he quickly answers that he needs some pens and stuff for a class. I don't question this and so on we go. As we're walking past the electronics he points out a phone they have and me being as easily distracted stop to look. Little do I notice that he has continued on his way. I turn to find him and he is standing behind me holding The Blind Side! And let me tell you i've been dying to own this movie!! It came out on blue ray and DVD today and so scott suprised me by getting me to Wal-Mart and buying it for me!

Today after devotional I was blessed to run into Aubree LaRee my dear friend and we walked home, but we couldn't seem to stop talking so instead of going our seperate way I went over and made cookies with her! Oh how i've missed this girl! We honestly only live like less the 5 minuets from each other but this is the first time that both of us have had a moment to spare! It was so good to be with her and feel her sweet spirit and to be able to giggle and catch up and talk about wedding plans and make cookies! I can not wait til I am able to live with her next semester, she'll probable be the only thing that gets me through next semester without scott!!! Along with Frequent visits from the other loves of my life Susan and Cait! I love you girls!! MUAH!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Livin' on Love, byuing on time...

So this first year of college has been...well the best way to sum it up is. Interesting! I've fallen in love and now i'm engaged. (shocker) I've decided that I want to be a nurse and work with very sick little children. I've taken and am passing classes that I would have never dreamed of taking in the past and well i've really grown up! If i've matured at all is still a matter of opinion ;) I've learned more in the past 7 months then I could have ever imagined! And I know now how truly small I personally am, in the larger scale of things. I know that I am nothing and would be nothing with out my Savior and my Heavenly Father. And I know that i would not have made it throught the last few months of stress and killer classes if it had not have been for the loving guidance and support of my parents! Who let me come home to do piles of laundry and then send me back with food toilet paper and lots of kisses. I would have died without the love and cute texts that i daily recieve from my girlfriends. I daily pray for my beautiful talented aunts who send me cards and loves all the time!!! And i probably would have killed a few people (mainly my chem teacher)without all of the love, support and understanding of my wonderful fiance! Who listens to me vent about everything from the wind and snow to how I hate work, who holds me when I cry over a bad test score, who buys me endless supplies of sour patch kids and kisses me better all the time! Needless to say I am Blessed way beyond measure! I love the people in my life, I miss the ones who have come and then gone. And I embrace the opportunity to meet and welcome and love many more people in my lifetime! All in all I think the Beatles said it all....ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!


Scott hates pictures and this was like the 5000 picture off the night that i had made him pose for! That may account for the face he's pulling.



The saying goes, we went to a fight and a hockey game broke out. And so it goes. Scott and I took off last night and attended my first ever hockey game!! The Jackson Hole Moose were playing the Spokane Railers, and we figured why not make the short drive over the mountain?! It was an awesome first time experience! We had a ton of fun and the Moose beat their opponents soundly. Final score 9-4!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More adventures...

Jackson Hole
Scott and are both very spontaneous people, and well when you throw the two of us together we tend to do very spontaneous things and take last minute trips to where ever the wind blows us. And on a dull weekend we decided to take a "quick" trip to Jackson Hole. Where we laughted at tourists, honked at pedestrians and made ourselves sick at Yipee-I-O Candy shop! We made our way around the square and like any other tourist couple we struck a pose and bore our pearly whites. We ended our evening out by grabbing a tasty burger at Billy's!

Night on the town

Down Town

The Macy's Star that they light up the day after Thanksgiving. it's so beautiful and I couldn't help but take about 50 different pictures of it

Oh Christmas Tree

Our pink cashmere Christmas tree!!
Beautiful Seattle

Park City Fun

Valentines weekend gave Scott and I the chance to slip away for a three day weekend, which we enjoyed with my family in beautiful Park City, Utah. We were blessed to be able to go to Music and the Spoken Word, and then we walked around Temple Square. While in Utah we were also able to visit Grandpa Gray and hear lots of funny jokes and stories! When our late night hunger struck we hit up In-N-Out and devoured a tasty burger...or two.


So...Scott and I finally made it offical and got engaged! And this is where it went down. Safeco Field, in Seattle Washington, home of the Seattle Mariners! Scott took a knee at the home base entrance on saturday March 13, 2010.
Well i've finally decided to join the blogging world!! I hope you'll enjoy my mindless thoughts...