Saturday, March 20, 2010

Livin' on Love, byuing on time...

So this first year of college has been...well the best way to sum it up is. Interesting! I've fallen in love and now i'm engaged. (shocker) I've decided that I want to be a nurse and work with very sick little children. I've taken and am passing classes that I would have never dreamed of taking in the past and well i've really grown up! If i've matured at all is still a matter of opinion ;) I've learned more in the past 7 months then I could have ever imagined! And I know now how truly small I personally am, in the larger scale of things. I know that I am nothing and would be nothing with out my Savior and my Heavenly Father. And I know that i would not have made it throught the last few months of stress and killer classes if it had not have been for the loving guidance and support of my parents! Who let me come home to do piles of laundry and then send me back with food toilet paper and lots of kisses. I would have died without the love and cute texts that i daily recieve from my girlfriends. I daily pray for my beautiful talented aunts who send me cards and loves all the time!!! And i probably would have killed a few people (mainly my chem teacher)without all of the love, support and understanding of my wonderful fiance! Who listens to me vent about everything from the wind and snow to how I hate work, who holds me when I cry over a bad test score, who buys me endless supplies of sour patch kids and kisses me better all the time! Needless to say I am Blessed way beyond measure! I love the people in my life, I miss the ones who have come and then gone. And I embrace the opportunity to meet and welcome and love many more people in my lifetime! All in all I think the Beatles said it all....ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!


  1. Oh Kirsten you truly are incredible hun! And from the looks of your family and friends i can see why :) what an example you are!

  2. Your an amazing girl Kirsten...I am so glad I have been blessed to have you in my life! It was so good to run into you the other day!