Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snow in Seattle...

Being a lil' Wyomin girl I'm used to lots of snow but up in Seattle they aren't so used to it. So we were a little suprised to wake up to snow this week so I did what I do best and snapped some pictures...

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I know you all of you think that I am lame for "skipping" Thanksgiving, and just jumping to Chrismas. But I have NOT forgotten Thanksgiving. In fact I rather love the holiday. Who doesn't enjoy stuffing their face? I love food and I love my family, and Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse of a holiday to enjoy both. Do I think that thanksgiving should be in November right in the way of Christmas? NO not is quite inconvient but do I ignore it? No! I still enjoy the holiday, surrounded by the sights and sounds of Christmas! Here is my latest Christmast Craft...Redneck Shot gun shell Christmas lights! I saw some at a hardware store, in Washington believe it or not. So I made scott buy them for my early birthday present. Scott and some of his friends went shooting and I had them save the shells and then together we put them on a string of lights! Oh how I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Please note I still have pumpkins out...that's kind of Thanksgiving-ish. :)

A librarian's Nightmare.

So I was reading the blogs and found this cute wreath and decided to make a few. You can find the link HERE
I love how they turned out! I'm working on my third one right now. :) Oh how I love cafting!!


Halloween this year was pretty low key for us. I had to work that night. So Scott stayed home alone while I made some money. At Cragio's the pizza place that I work, we have a costume contest. I decided to be a punk rock Princess. With my coustume I took...Drum roll please. 2nd place! I was only one vote behind first. But 2nd place came with $50.00 so I guess washing the crystal light and glue out of my hair was all worth it. :)

School for Scott.

I know that this is super late! Ok really really late! Scott graduates in 6 weeks! SIX! Can you believe it? He can he is so excited and can't wait to be done with college. But then on to med school. Anyways, here are pictures of Scott's first day of school on his last year in college. He wasn't very happy when I made him pose for these haha but what can I say? I love my camera and the memories that pictures leave us with.

I know its really dark but the other one I took is worst and he wouldn't wait for me to take anymore.