Sunday, November 7, 2010


I know you all of you think that I am lame for "skipping" Thanksgiving, and just jumping to Chrismas. But I have NOT forgotten Thanksgiving. In fact I rather love the holiday. Who doesn't enjoy stuffing their face? I love food and I love my family, and Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse of a holiday to enjoy both. Do I think that thanksgiving should be in November right in the way of Christmas? NO not is quite inconvient but do I ignore it? No! I still enjoy the holiday, surrounded by the sights and sounds of Christmas! Here is my latest Christmast Craft...Redneck Shot gun shell Christmas lights! I saw some at a hardware store, in Washington believe it or not. So I made scott buy them for my early birthday present. Scott and some of his friends went shooting and I had them save the shells and then together we put them on a string of lights! Oh how I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Please note I still have pumpkins out...that's kind of Thanksgiving-ish. :)

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  1. oh merry christmas dear gray family! i love you both mucho much