Friday, September 21, 2012

Food for thought...Aka long rant

I hate to be one of those people who goes off on political rants, but I feel like I need to say something. Something that is dear to my heart. I fear for the future of this nation. Not because of who is in office but because of the people of this nation that don't care, who don't act and who don't understand the impacts of their lazy disregard of politics.
I'm just like everyone else, when Glen Beck and Jon Stewart and every other self appointed "political guru" starts running off the mouth part of me wants to run the other direction. Their slanted political views and personal opinions make it difficult for anyone to understand whats really going on in either political party.

. Yet, what good does it do to turn a blind eye as our once great nation crumbles? This country and government was formed UNDER GOD. By the People for the People...and yet a lot of what is going on in Washington today seems to be going AGAINST the people...More and more Americans let more and more control and influence from the government seep into their lives.

And while I may be more conservative than liberal and a little more republican than democratic, I still find value in what both parties can bring to the table. And the is different opinions and different views and new and different ideas! Different is not to be confused or misplaced bad! We need change we need differences we need there to be new fresh ideas in Washington and in our government. I've been very bereaved by this years election.

Yes I'm a Mormon, yes I would like to see Obama out of office.

 Is it because he's a bad leader, maybe, is it because I don't agree with how he's running the country? it because he's a democrat absolutely not! Does his skin color effect it DEFIANTLY NOT! Is it because of his religious affiliations NO! Do I think that Romney could do a better job? I don't know....Do I like Romney because he's rich. not really. Do I think Romney has great ideas cause he's Republican, not necessarily.

Do I care that Romney is Mormon...not really....Did any of you care or even know that Bill Clinton is a Southern Baptist? What about JFK he was a roman catholic. Or that Nixon is a Quaker? I could care less where Romney chooses to devote his Sunday mornings. But I digress....What I care about is that the average American cares less about what political platform or ideas these two men and have little knowledge about what they represent and care more about how much Ann Romney spent on her campaign clothes or about where Michelle Obama and the girls went on vacation....
If we the people don't care then why should the candidates? I've heard more about Romney's income and Obama's hate for Romney and the republicans then I've heard about what either of them actually plan on doing with the bottomless hell hole of debt that this nation is consumed in. I've heard more about where Obama went to college and more about Romney's religious beliefs than I've heard about what we're going to do about taxes, American hunger and gay rights combined! To name just a few.

This nation is and will continue to go to pot unless we as an American people start to care. I understand that the opinions and beliefs that I have may not be correct and that they may deeply offend people...well guess what? At least I have an opinion....

 Sorry...I will now step off of my soap box....for all like two of you that read this I'm sorry for the waste of time....