Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do what they say can't be done...while you're still young!

To-do list....

Well my dear friend Cait has inspired me and so I want to make a To-do/ bucket list...of things I want to do and be when I grow up. Of places I yearn to see and of things that I wish to waste money on! You can't take it with you! So why not spend it, right?! Anyhow, enjoy...

1* Marry My Best Friend

2* Own a Harley, Wear hot leather and Drive cross country!

3* Donate ridiclous amounts of money to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

4* Write a Book

5* Fish in Alaska

6* Make beautiful babies

7* Paint a masterpiece

8* Visit the Louve

9* Own a house boat on Lake Powell

10* Teach my children to Believe in God and Love Christ

11* Change a life

12* Do service for children around the world

13* Own a cabin

14* Learn and perform "Silent Night" in it's orignal language, GERMAN

15* Build a Barn

16* Run a marathon

17* Own a huge jacked up, long bed DODGE!

18* Find joy in the little things!

More to come....

Monday, May 24, 2010


Here I am again on a monday night trying to get over a horrible case of the monday's! Today has left me worn down, stressed and frazzled at best! With work demanding more and more of my time and efforts, school with it's ever increasing work load growing and my body tired, cold and begging from more then 6 hours of sleep, I'm stuck staring at my computer screen wishing I could will the paper I have to write written, or that my art power point on Picasso would arrange itself.

This last week has been crazy, draining, fast paced and left me gasping for breath,making me gather every ounce of lost energy I can just to make it through the day.

Life, and people have a way of carrying on and growing changing and leaving us behind. I went home for a quick weekend visit and was faced with people I haven't quite resolved the past with. It's not that we ended on bad terms. It's just that too much has happened between us for us to be friends. We still love each other in some sence of the word, we're just not sure how that works out. Me engaged to be married, them all starting new chapters of their lives.

This crazy game that we call life, it has to take backs, no re-do's and no guarantees. I think what I've gained and come away with from this last hellish week is that you need to live in the now. The past is to learn from, not to live in. We need to love who we are with and whatever point we are at. Not yearn for long gone yesterdays that will never come again....

P.S. I took this picture! I love it...it reminds me that Christ loves me enough to die for me. And that God loves me enough to let his son atone for me! God is love.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Big Fat Blingin' Wedding

Here are my flowers my veil and my cake topper...hahah more to come~

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mindless thoughts....

I come from hard work and blisters, mason jars and white picket fences, short tempers and a cuss word. I’m from Adam and Karolyn, Claudia and Ed, Sondra and John. From the dark stained pages of worn novels. Scuffed ostrich skin cowboy boots, and a swift kick in the rear. From passion that runs too deep, from the twitching of stars in the vast muddy midnight blue. From mountain peaks that reach the rosy skies, from wrinkled hands, and worn out faces, embedded with deep creases from laugh lines and worries. I’m from blue eyes that reflect pain, that make you want bear your soul. I come from Stories that wind and grow and change like the seasons. From the banks of the Bitteroot, and the Snake, were the currents flow deep and strong and unaltered and where love can come and go.
From the summer sun that tans your face and ages your hands, from the winding road that leads to home. Autumn leaves that rustle with the passing wind. Old barn wood that whispers of years gone by, battered stairs that reflect their use. From creaking rockers that hold a mother, her babies gentle unscathed hands reaching for her face. Beginning with unblemished sunrises that emanates of Gods untainted love. Days ending with a masterpiece of God’s own hands sprawled over the mountains.
I am Kirsten, competitive, strong willed, short fused, quick tempered, hard headed, and loud. I love freely and laugh easily. My easy spirit and open heart often leave me short changed or broken hearted. My competitive drive often pushes me beyond my limits and on to new adventures and heights. There aren’t many things that I won’t try at least once. There aren’t many people that I can’t love. There is nothing and no one that can stand in my way when my mind is set. I’m from a long line of free spirits and solid faith. Like my mother before me, and her mother before her, my greatest joy will come from the happiness of my children.

This is a paper I typed for my writting and reasoning class and I just wanted to share. My second semester of colleg is going suprisingly well...I miss scott dearly but I'm getting a lot done and trying to live up the last of my "single days" psh whatever I'm so ready to just get married all ready hahah

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Sometimes in life I wonder if I'm lost...but then I stop to think and, no I'm not lost I'm just on a new adventure. Like this my second semester of college. ALONE. Scott is in Puyallup and I'm trying to not blow away here in Rexburg. Every now and then I still really feel lost without Scott here, but I've come to realize that I'm just on a new adventure right now. And so on with it....My very most recent adventure sent me to the store...but really can you put a price on genius?! I bought oil paints and brushes and canvas and well I've really gone to town! Oh boy! (pics to come!)