Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Some days I just feel like I want to fast forward my life. I want to be older without looking or feeling older. I want babies and a big house with a big yard. I want to be a soccer mom and I want to have a truck and a mommy car...like an escalade {they're luxury SUV's you know} I want to be an RN and work with kids and babies but I also want to be a mommy. I want Scott to have a career that he loves and that pays well. And I want it all now....

And then I snap out of it and realize just how blessed I am and how happy I am. Scott and I both have steady jobs. I have a beautiful car that I love and that works amazingly. I have some of my college education under my belt. I've got shoes on my feet and dreams in my head.

I have the best husband in the world. Who loves me and supports me and encourages me to chase my dreams. He's been working full time and then some to help me pay for my new car, to pay for my schooling at two different colleges. Not to mention that he's been paying for books and uniforms and emergency candy runs {to Winco bulk candy bins} to keep me sane. He lets me practice taking his blood pressure. He lets me whine and complain to him. He scratches my back. He does the laundry. He always gives me kisses....and He leaves the toilet seat up...but that's life....He puts up with Shuga and I when we are brats. He loves me crazy! He loves me sweet and he never gives up on me..I know that the Lord made me hard to handle....but Scott does such a great job..

I am so very blessed beyond measure.

I finally feel like I'm growing up...well as much as I can grow up...I'll never really be "grown up" grow up cause that's for the birds! But in a sense I finally feel content, I finally feel like I don't have anything to prove. I finally feel like I don't have anything to run from. {I hope that I'm not asking for it or tempting karma by saying this next part... but}

I finally feel at peace.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

God truly does have His hand in our lives. I know that when we submit our will to His that he directs our paths.
The other night Scott and I were chillin' he mentioned a job posting that he had "randomly" seen on craigslist. So I got on and checked it out. The facility is about three minutes down the road from where we're living. I had gone in once and gotten an application from them and instead of staying and filling it out I had brought it home and never got to it. So I went upstairs and found the application. I filled it out and promised Scott that I would call first thing in the morning. I called and they were still hiring and they told me to come in and fill out an application. I went in to hand in my application and they interviewed me! They told me that really liked me and felt good about it and that they were leaning towards a "yes" they said they'd give me a call in a few hours...a few hours passed and no phone call. So I called them back the next morning and they told me to come in for orientation. {I GOT THE JOB} That was on Friday afternoon. I then work/got trained for 9 hours on Saturday and then for 8 hours on Sunday and then again on Monday for 7 hours and then yesterday {Tuesday} for 7 more hours. It's been super crazy but so far so good... I work with really laid back people and I'm getting good experience.
Today is my day off because I have class, instead of sleeping in I thought that I would make some calls and check out Nursing programs in the area. I had sent an Official Transcript to the Tech school that I really want to go to a few weeks ago. I still hadn't heard anything so I called this morning and they looked around and found my transcript {hold on to your pants for this part} and they are going to accept all of my classes/credits that I did at BYU-Idaho. {this is very unheard of from my previous experiences} So I'm right on track. As soon as I finish the Biology class that I'm taking...{I'll be done Oct. 3rd} then I can apply and get on their 1 year waiting list WOOT WOOT!
Life is good
God is good
We are so blessed!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I love girls camp!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! and so I volunteered to go as a tent mom and boy oh boy did I love going as a leader! I had the best group of girls and I met the best ladies ever! I have some new BFF's Jodi and Jaimee :) While at camp I also dropped my cell phone in the porta potty {epic fail} or should I say fall : ( I didn't even hesitate and I reached in and grabbed it out!!! Getting pooh on my hands in the process YUCK It's been sitting in a bag of rice for the last several days...it's trying to work and not doing so hot...I'm hoping to figure something out with insurance and get a new one!! Or the new iphone {in white} anywho. Camp was an amazing experience and I loved every minute of it. We had so much fun and we did so many awesome things! I supervised the rifle range {single shot .22} and the slip n' slide which was legit! It was huge and I haven't been on one since I was like 10. We also took all of the second year girls on a 5 mile hike it was a really hard hike and there were a lot of awesome views! Over all camp was amazing! The girls that were there were just so strong in their faith and had such powerful testimonies and they strengthened me I loved going to ensign ranch it's such a beautiful place!I had such an amazing time and I hope that they call me to go again next year, even though all week everyone just thought that I was one of the girls lol

My two week summer break is over!

As of yesterday my summer vacation was over :( I started an Anatomy & Psychology class and come to find out it was the wrong one....and not only was it the wrong one but I thought that the class was Monday and Thursday. Nope it was Monday through Thursday. So...this morning I went back up the Joint Fort Lewis Forth McCord base {that's were I'm attending classes through Pierce College} and dropped my one class and added the one that I really needed. I was really stressed out last night thinking about school and money and everything and I just kept praying that everything would work out and it did and does and continues to. I know that Scott and I are blessed beyond measure and that the Lord has His hand in our lives. I know that school and an education are so very important and that it's a righteous desire and that the Lord will continue to bless me in my educational pursuits.
This is where I'm going to school...