Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My two week summer break is over!

As of yesterday my summer vacation was over :( I started an Anatomy & Psychology class and come to find out it was the wrong one....and not only was it the wrong one but I thought that the class was Monday and Thursday. Nope it was Monday through Thursday. So...this morning I went back up the Joint Fort Lewis Forth McCord base {that's were I'm attending classes through Pierce College} and dropped my one class and added the one that I really needed. I was really stressed out last night thinking about school and money and everything and I just kept praying that everything would work out and it did and does and continues to. I know that Scott and I are blessed beyond measure and that the Lord has His hand in our lives. I know that school and an education are so very important and that it's a righteous desire and that the Lord will continue to bless me in my educational pursuits.
This is where I'm going to school...

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