Wednesday, August 17, 2011

God truly does have His hand in our lives. I know that when we submit our will to His that he directs our paths.
The other night Scott and I were chillin' he mentioned a job posting that he had "randomly" seen on craigslist. So I got on and checked it out. The facility is about three minutes down the road from where we're living. I had gone in once and gotten an application from them and instead of staying and filling it out I had brought it home and never got to it. So I went upstairs and found the application. I filled it out and promised Scott that I would call first thing in the morning. I called and they were still hiring and they told me to come in and fill out an application. I went in to hand in my application and they interviewed me! They told me that really liked me and felt good about it and that they were leaning towards a "yes" they said they'd give me a call in a few hours...a few hours passed and no phone call. So I called them back the next morning and they told me to come in for orientation. {I GOT THE JOB} That was on Friday afternoon. I then work/got trained for 9 hours on Saturday and then for 8 hours on Sunday and then again on Monday for 7 hours and then yesterday {Tuesday} for 7 more hours. It's been super crazy but so far so good... I work with really laid back people and I'm getting good experience.
Today is my day off because I have class, instead of sleeping in I thought that I would make some calls and check out Nursing programs in the area. I had sent an Official Transcript to the Tech school that I really want to go to a few weeks ago. I still hadn't heard anything so I called this morning and they looked around and found my transcript {hold on to your pants for this part} and they are going to accept all of my classes/credits that I did at BYU-Idaho. {this is very unheard of from my previous experiences} So I'm right on track. As soon as I finish the Biology class that I'm taking...{I'll be done Oct. 3rd} then I can apply and get on their 1 year waiting list WOOT WOOT!
Life is good
God is good
We are so blessed!


  1. Wow seriously what a blessing! Isn't it amazing how just when you think nothing is going to go your way suddenly everything is going your way! I admire you for realizing Gods had in it all! You are such an amazing girl!! Keep up the hard work!!!

  2. AH you are a big old lucky! you got this. just keep doing something right because you are definitely on the righto track. love you!