Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Some days I just feel like I want to fast forward my life. I want to be older without looking or feeling older. I want babies and a big house with a big yard. I want to be a soccer mom and I want to have a truck and a mommy car...like an escalade {they're luxury SUV's you know} I want to be an RN and work with kids and babies but I also want to be a mommy. I want Scott to have a career that he loves and that pays well. And I want it all now....

And then I snap out of it and realize just how blessed I am and how happy I am. Scott and I both have steady jobs. I have a beautiful car that I love and that works amazingly. I have some of my college education under my belt. I've got shoes on my feet and dreams in my head.

I have the best husband in the world. Who loves me and supports me and encourages me to chase my dreams. He's been working full time and then some to help me pay for my new car, to pay for my schooling at two different colleges. Not to mention that he's been paying for books and uniforms and emergency candy runs {to Winco bulk candy bins} to keep me sane. He lets me practice taking his blood pressure. He lets me whine and complain to him. He scratches my back. He does the laundry. He always gives me kisses....and He leaves the toilet seat up...but that's life....He puts up with Shuga and I when we are brats. He loves me crazy! He loves me sweet and he never gives up on me..I know that the Lord made me hard to handle....but Scott does such a great job..

I am so very blessed beyond measure.

I finally feel like I'm growing up...well as much as I can grow up...I'll never really be "grown up" grow up cause that's for the birds! But in a sense I finally feel content, I finally feel like I don't have anything to prove. I finally feel like I don't have anything to run from. {I hope that I'm not asking for it or tempting karma by saying this next part... but}

I finally feel at peace.

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  1. you make me feel at peace. this is lovely.