Sunday, January 22, 2012

This week in review

This week has been crazy! The forecast called for snow and the Wyoming girl in me rejoiced! Monday no snow. Tuesday we got a few random flakes throughout the day that didn't amount to much. Wednesday the weather man was calling for a snowpoclypse (my fingers were crossed but I was skeptical!) My new job allows me to sit on my rear and watch the front doors. So I watched and waited and I'll admit I may have done a little snow dance! I work in downtown Puyallup and if it snows no one can get up the hill back to my house. Or so I've been told? {more on that amazing job later} So I was really hoping for a snow day on Wednesday! And low and behold the heavens didn't disappoint! We got a whopping 6-7 inches. Enough to shut down half of Washington! And I got a snow day! Thursday the power went out in most of Puyallup! So again no work. Friday there was freezing rain and scattered snow. All of the trees froze and then started breaking and crashing down it was really creepy! There were trees down all over the roads! And the power remained out. We finally got power back Friday night. But I still got a 5 day weekend!! Wooty woot!



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baking on a snowy day

So here in Washington the world shuts down when there's a rumor of snow. Well we've gotten about 4 inches today so church was canceled. So I got inspired to be an awesome housewife. I made egg nog french toast for breakfast, homemade bread, hamburger buns, peanut blossoms, and grilled homemade pizza. We enjoyed the snow so much and had a great day just relaxing and enjoying family time!