Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jackson Hole
Scott and are both very spontaneous people, and well when you throw the two of us together we tend to do very spontaneous things and take last minute trips to where ever the wind blows us. And on a dull weekend we decided to take a "quick" trip to Jackson Hole. Where we laughted at tourists, honked at pedestrians and made ourselves sick at Yipee-I-O Candy shop! We made our way around the square and like any other tourist couple we struck a pose and bore our pearly whites. We ended our evening out by grabbing a tasty burger at Billy's!


  1. Cute!! I LOVE Jackson Hole! It is seriously the prettiest place! You two are cute girl :)

  2. I sooo want a Billy's Burgar right now! I'm jealous you have a "tourist couple pic" at the arch. out of the two summers Bryson and I have been in Jackson Hole I haven't been able to bribe him into it! haha Everyone has to have one!