Wednesday, February 13, 2013

December 2012

Oh December! The most that I most look forward to! With family and Christmas and all kinds of festivities!!

We were busy busy busy in December. 

Scott working with his Dad at Gateway construction. Scott had been studying for the GMAT (big test to get into MBA programs) He took the GMAT and did really well! We just had to wait to see if it was good enough to get into PLU (Pacific Lutheran University) a school in Tacoma that offers the MBA programs that he's really been wanting to get into! This whole process required lots of pray, fasting, hardwork and study from my dear hubby who gets up before the sun. about 4:30 AM and works a full day! Upon returning home around 2PM or later he would then set right to work studying online out of books and doing lots and lots of practice tests. How thankful I am for a husband with drive,passion and determination! What an amazing man I have!!

I've still been working at Sillito Chiropractic. It's stressful and makes for very long days but it's still a blessing to have steady work! And to be able to help pay the bills. Towards the beginning of December I started feeling "different". But that is a whole different story my friends.December had me busy shopping, cooking, crafting and planning away. I had been planing the whole year for our Christmas trip to Wyoming!! Due to my wonderful coworker refusing to cover for me I was unable to go and it truly broke my heart! I lay in bed the night I found out and cried and cried! So I had to distract myself so I wouldn't been too homesick. Homesick for my Momma and Daddy, my girlfriends, home cooking, SNOW, my siblings, my little niece! There is so so much that I miss about Wyoming!! Anywho we made it through with lots of food and facetime with my family! We also found out Christmas Eve that I was pregnant and that really helped ease the homesickness!!!!

It's not Christmas without Charlie Brown!!

Ashley brought me snow from the mountains!
Our little our little room!

Scott my lover and I

Family Christmas picture with Santa

We were blessed with snow for a few days after all!!

Scott Christmas morning!
The whole family over Christmas EVE!

Facetime with my wonderful momma! We got her Norbit bahaha

Baby Gray Coming August 2013!! Best Christmas gift I have ever been given!!

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