Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Towards the beginning of December I starting feeling odd. Different if you will. Not a bad different, not a good different...just different. A different I couldn't really put my finger on. I was unusually emotional.(crying for hours wen I found out I couldn't go home for Christmas!)   I didn't want anything to do with sugar. The sweet processed wonderful kind that I usually eat several pounds of on a daily basis.

I told Scott that something was "off". He didn't read much into me telling him something was weird so I figured why should I...Until this strange weird new different keep going. I was getting so tired by the end of the day and people who usually didn't bother me where putting me on edge.  

Early one Saturday morning (December 16th to be exact) it dawned on me. When was the last time that I had had my period? I didn't know? I'm horrible at keeping track of these things! I really should get better!! Scott and Shuga lay peacefully beside me, both snoring away. As quietly as I could I slipped out of bed and to the bathroom where I dug through my drawers to find a pregnancy test. I found one! How old? Who knew?! But it was a pregnancy test and I was shaking  with excitement as I tore the foil wrapper. 
 I laid it on the counter and waited...and waited... Not the full advised 3 minuets but let me tell you I did wait and it felt like an eternity! Finally I couldn't take it any longer and I peeked! 


I couldn't believe my eyes! I jumped  up and down did my happy dance! I dug through my drawers in the bathroom searching for a second test one would simply not do! I couldn't find one! Shuga had woken up by this point, so I threw some clothes on told her the good news and we grabbed my purse and slipped out the door to run to Wal-Mart! The second test confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. Now to let Scott in on the good news!  

I put the tests in a zip lock bag...they do have pee on them after all. I put the zip lock in this giant mug that I had bought and been saving for just the occasion. It could fit a small child inside! It's huge and on the front says "SUPER DAD". I placed it in a Christmas bag and told Scott after breakfast that I needed him upstairs! I was about to burst keeping this secret in! I presented him with the gift. I may or may not be known for not liking to wait to open presents so when I told him to open the gift he kindly refused and told me we needed to wait for Christmas. I promised him he couldn't wait to open this one! After much pleading and begging and then demanding that he open it he finally consented and pulled the mug out. He gave me a puzzled face and didn't say anything. "look inside" I instructed. He did and pulled out the zip lock. "what the? NO, your kidding this is a joke right?!" I am a trickster and have played the oops I'm pregnant card before. He didn't believe me! I spent the next 5 to 10 minuets promising on shuga's life that it wasn't a joke and that I was indeed caring his child. He finally got that I was being serious and wrapped me in a huge hug! 


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