Monday, March 4, 2013

Scott my handsome smart hubs

 So after months of studying, lots of prayer and fasting, more studying! Worrying by me and a five hour test later, the GRE (national test you have to take to get into any MBA program) Scott applied for a very prestigious college so he could earn his MBA. We waited and hoped and prayed some more and Scott got a call that they wanted an interview with him. The school hadn't accepted nor rejected him. So he went in for an interview. I hoped and prayed and worried and prayed more and was very positive! He called me after his interview to say that he wasn't sure how it had gone but that he thought it had gone ok. Well he emailed the interview to say thanks and they called him within five minutes to tell him that he had indeed been accepted and would be starting school in less then a month! February 6th was his first day!!! Not to brag but he is the youngest in his class and out of hundreds of applications the school had only accepted about 30 students for the program this semester! So Scott is now a full time PLU...Pacific Lutheran University Student! The program is 20 months long and ends with a 10 day trip to somewhere across the world so they can study successful businesses and whatnot!
For now he goes to school Monday and Wednesday nights after work! They've been keeping him very busy and he's been overloaded with work! Monday's and Wednesday's he gets up at 4:00 A.M. for work drives to Seattle, works until 2:00P.M. Drives home, showers, does homework and then heads to school. He doesn't get home until late and then someday he works nights and or doubles depending. Things have been stressful and hard but I know that he is capable and that things with work will slow down so he can focus more on school! I'm so proud! Woot woot! Here's to another crazy, exciting chapter of our lives!

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