Monday, March 18, 2013

Our First House! Our very own!

Front entry
 So for those of you that didn't know...we bought our very first, very own house! We couldn't be happier {well except for when it comes time to pay the mortgage every month}Just kidding...but really! It's brand new, they finished building it in December and we moved in the middle of January! It's four bedroom two and a half bath. With a two car garage that is full of junk and no cars : ) and it's just over 1700 square feet! It's just perfect for what we need! We have slowly been getting moved in and settled, there are still lots of pictures and shelves to hang and the walls defiantly need to be painted so they aren't so boring {Scott thinks they're fine the way they are...boys} We just love it and I can't wait to get started on the nursery!! I'm thinking Wayne coating on the walls and maybe gray. Then depending on if it's a girl or boy I'll accent it in blues or yellows.

Back door area

While it was still being built.......
The front of the house...Scott on the porch

Garage upgrades...Scott got upper and lower cabinets from a work space that they were demoing that would have just been thrown away. He saved them for several months until we moved in. Cabinets are super expensive so they were a blessing!!
 Scott has has this sign since before we met. He loves it. He stuck it up there the night that we moved in and left it there for a good two weeks. I told him that he better take it down before the neighbors started to complain or before the HOA contacted us lol . 
I have a million other pictures which I will post at some future date! But for now we are feeling so very blessed and so very poor! :) 

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