Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It's been a while. I've been busy! We drove to Seattle. I had a meltdown because I was tried after driving for 12 1/2 hours by myself in a 16 passenger van that was packed to the roof with all of my worldly possessions and my rowdy puppy. I was stressed from driving the said van in Saturday night traffic. So when we finally arrived at our destination I was tired and homesick and so I cried. And I got over it. I haven't let myself cry for home since...Instead I have tried to figure out what I can do to make the most out of my new life here, living in my in-laws home. So I unpacked, cleaned, organized, cleaned some more, unpacked even more. Repacked some boxes, organized some more and unpacked more...and went shopping, twice or three or four times.

So we mostly have all of our stuff unpacked and we are trying to get semi settled in. Because honestly I don't know how long we will be staying with my wonderful in-laws, and I have no idea what my husband plans on doing with his life.(I don't think that he does either) and so for now I'm making things as nice as I can and when the time comes to move again so be it.

...I'm trying everyday to find beauty in this new chapter, and I'm trying to realize why I'm meant to be here at this time in my life... For now I am at peace with how things are. I am ok. I am more than ok. I am blessed beyond measure!

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