Sunday, April 24, 2011


I know I already posted this but I got a little excited and posted early so here it is again with new pictures and the eater eggs that My sista-in-law Ryann and I dyed last night!!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays and not just because of all the candy and the fun Easter dresses...I love that we have a holiday to celebrate Christ. It’s a day to dress up cute, spend time with family and to remember His life, His death, His resurrection, His atonement and most of all His selflessness and love for me a sinner. I know that my Redeemer lives! What joy, peace, gratitude and reassurance this brings to me in this troubled world. I know that when I sin all is not lost but that Christ is there to help me right my wrongs. He is there to lead me by the hand! He atoned for all my sins and because of that beautiful act of mercy, He knows us all, because he atoned for all of us. He knows my joys, He knows my sorrows and He loves me just the same. He knows everyone’s pains he knows everyone’s trials because he has already born them. In this holiday season may we all turn to Christ our Savior and Redeemer and let him help us carry our crosses.

Now for the Easter eggs. I got really caught up in our move and didn't end up buying any ties to do this dying project, so I went through Scott's old ties and picked three I could use. And here is the finished product. I kind of forgot that they were boiling...and they boiled for like over an hour...oppps but they still worked :)HERE is a link to the blog that I got the idea from

Next year they will be much better!

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