Monday, June 3, 2013

It's a BOY!

It's a boy! I've felt all along in this pregnancy that I would have a boy so I really wasn't too surprised! Scott on the other hand was holding out for a baby girl to spoil and love and to make into a daddy's girl :) Everything looks great! Both baby and I are healthy and growing at an alarming rate!

Scott came with my to my Dr's appointment with my new Doctor, Dr. Taggart. Who is amazing! Love the man! He did an in office ultrasound and told us that if he had to bet on it that he would say he's 90% sure we are having a boy! SO we then scheduled a legit ultra sound and waited!!

I called and told my mom right away, Scott wanted to surprise his parents so when he got home from school he met me at his parents house. Scott and I have a thing for slurpee's {side note...after we got engaged we went and got slurpee's to celebrate. Scott's parents were with us that day} so I ran to 7/11 and bought a blue slurpee to tell his parents that we were pretty sure it was a boy!
Scott, Suzanne and Larry and I were all at the ultra sound which was a lot of fun! We sure are blessed to live so close to such loving and supportive family! After the ultra sound, where it was confirmed that indeed I'm making a little man, we went to Red Robin for lunch to celebrate!

The waitress was so sweet she gave us blue balloons and we got dessert to celebrate! What a fun day!

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Boy parts :)

Lunch  at Red Robin

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