Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day...

Well, like Mothers Day, this Fathers Day was the first that I have spent hundreds of miles away from my Daddy. It was all rather bitter sweet. Sending a card and a gift via the mail just isn't the same as being there. I will admit that I had a few tears but over all I made it through the day. Washington if wonderful! Scott and I are so very blessed. I love my CNA classes {I don't love my online classes} I'm very nervous/very excited about what my educational future might hold! A little update on me...I found out that the nursing program that I want to attend just upped all of their requirements/prerequisites. And by "just" I mean just barley as of like this quarter. So it's kind of a bum deal. I may end up having to retake my anatomy and physiology class and then get on a waiting list that they "say" is 2 years long...Nothing is set in stone and I have an appointment to go talk to the department chairman that is over the board of nursing and see if he won't wave my poor grade because of a lot of technical reasons and because my CNA teacher told me to go talk to him...any who if He'll approve me then I could start nursing classes as soon as September and no later then February. and if he doesn't :( well then I'm not sure what I'll do. {long story short} please please please send your prayers my way! Update on Scott. Scott is working {a lot} an average of 6 days a week. He doesn't like his job but I just keep praying that that will encourages him to think more about school and to make a decision about what he wants to do with his life. Shuga update...Friday she got spayed and was not impressed with her mommy taking her to the vet and abandoning her...she is doing great though and saturday morning she was acting like nothing had even happened. Running down the stairs jumping on and off of all of the furniture and racing around outside. I tried for the good part of the morning to make her stop and slow down and it was to no avail so I gave up and figure that if it hurt she wouldn't do it....anyways that's our little gray family update....maybe we'll do something interesting soon and post some pictures and tell some interesting stories...{LOVES}


  1. tehe i love reading your blogs. your daddy knows you love him no matter where you are! and i shall pray doubly for you my dear. something lovely will work out i know it. love you miss you!

  2. Just know we love your little family and I'll add you to my weekly prayer list in the Mesa temple!
    Love you!