Monday, May 2, 2011

To whom it may concern

For the record I have been taking way too many lovely pictures lately and I planned on blogging them yesterday (sunday) with a brief blah blah blah about what I've been up to (other than no good) and as I went to upload my photos...there wasn't a camera cord in sight. No camera cord+grumpy kirsten= no blog up date. Sorry.

In other news...My wonderfully crazy sister-in-law gave me there old Wii because they have an x-box and a PS3 and they never use the Wii which she won at a work party a few years I inherited it! Hooray!It came with a few games and two controllers but what I really needed/mostly wanted was ZUMBA. So I got online and bought it, along with the fitness belt. Here is a picture of the game and the hot belt that must be worn while working out. Insert mental image of my wearing said belt here [ ]...awesome I know :) So I hope to be dancing my butt off...literally lol wish me luck! And hopefuly in a few months time my abs will have returned from their winter hibernation and I will glisten like the dancer on the font of the game...until then I MUST DANCE!

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