Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here's a short wrap up on what's new with our little Gray family. Shuga has yet to loose any of her teeth which she should be by now...but we think that she is done growing and next month she is getting her baby makers ripped out :( but on the bright side she is just about all the way potty trained. Scott is working for D.P. (a construction company our of Seattle) with the Old man (my father-in-law) and while I wouldn't say he's loving it...it's keeping food on the table and paying for my nursing classes. I'm starting my CNA classes tomorrow in downtown Tacoma (and by downtown I mean like the heart of downtown in the ghetto)I am scared out of my mind but I hope that everything will be ok. When I went to sign up for my classes I saw more, bums, blacks and drug use then I have seen in my whole 20 years of life and I was kind of scared to be walking around alone. Just imagine the whitest little Mormon girl you know wandering around lost in the big city! At least I'm not blond anymore...maybe that will help? Now no one laugh but I bought a can of pepper spray and hooked it to my keys. I hope that I'm not tempting fate by doing so because I would hate to have that thing go off while I'm driving or something...haha Scott and I also took a new big step in our marriage and bought...no not marriage counseling...but a new car.(and by new, I mean new to us) It's an Acura TL. I love it! I told Scott that it's "our car" but that I own like 60% and he owns 40% while we still haven't agreed to the whole 60-40 ratio yet, I'm sure he'll come around. Online classes are kicking my butt and I hope that with my CNA classes beginning that I'll have the energy, time and motivation to keep up with all of my homework. I'm sort of half way regretting taking 15 credits online and starting CNA classes but what can ya do?
I also regret to inform you all ( all three of you who read this) that I've found a awful addiction a horrible habit and yes a mindless money waster...I've started to Scrapbook...now before any of you un-friend me on facebook (heaven forbid) or before anyone laughs too much just know that I kind of like it. Am I any good? No,not really I'm sure that there are a lot of people who are a lot better, but I find that it's a good way to preserve some memories and use the some of the billions of pictures that I tend to take...Well that's what's new in our neck of the woods....tune in next month ;)Some scrapbooking pictures soon to come!


  1. I think scrapbooking is a perfectly good use of money. You should come over sometime and we can do some scrapbooking and use some of my toys. Good luck with school tomorrow your going to do great!

  2. hehe you scrapbooking fool... haha i just cant quite stop laughing. love you