Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding." Proverbs 3:5

Yesterday I had a major breakdown. I did horribly on a big chemistry test and I was also freaking out because of all of my finals and projects that are due in my other 6 classes! I ended up with a major migraine. I couldn't think or see straight and I was in so much pain that I couldn't even cry. It stressed me out even more because I had a huge group project to finish and two papers to write. And while I would not want to experience that pain again anytime soon it made me come to a realization. This being that I know that the good Lord has a plan for me. I know that when I try to do things my way without his help that he just shakes his head. I'm still trying to match my will with the Lords will. I'm trying to find direction in my life, a purpose that will give me purpose. This last year has been beyond crazy, beyond emotional descritions and one of the happiest of my life. When I put my will after the Lords will everything works out. When I put the Lord first in my life, everything either falls into place or falls out of my life. And while it's days like yesterday that make me wish that school would just fall out of my life, I know that gaining my education is so important and that it is a worthy desire.

Sorry I feel like this post was just a major vent session, but I needed to share my feelings.

On a happier note, school is over for the semester in about 10 days!!

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  1. Love you sweetheart. You are such a blessing in my life. Never forget how much God loves you, and wants a relationship with you.