Monday, February 7, 2011

Shuga Snooki Gray Joins the Family

I am so behind blogging but I have to start somewhere. The last few weeks have been crazy busy for me. Then Scott got super sick and I was popping Vitamin C like a crack addict in hopes of not catching whatever he had. Well my attempts were futile. Last Wednesday I came down with a horrible cough and then a fever. Thursday I was feeling even worst but I just couldn't miss any of my classes so I pressed on. 101 degree fever and all. Thursday night I didn't sleep a wink and was coughing and super sick. And yet again I couldn't miss my Friday classes, so I bucked it up and went to class, and...passed out in my chem lab! How embarrassing!! And being BYU-I they can't let anything go so they called the campus cops, called campus security and then an ambulance. Well I decided it would be a good time to call Scott. Long story short I made a trip to the medical center here on campus and was told that I had strain A of the flu, which was last years Swine Flu I had a fever of 104 and so they hooked me up and gave me two I.V.'s. Well 4 hours and 320$ later they let me go home. Now for the real point of this post.

Wednesday night I was browsing KSL. That horrible site that it is, I always see puppies that I want and can't have! But I torture myself anyways and dream. So I was browsing, and found the most honest to goodness cutest puppy I have ever laid my little blue eyes on. I HAD TO HAVE HER! I quickly informed Scott that I just couldn't take NO for an answer. I then proceed to make a really convinsing and funny PRO CON list. I begged I pleaded, I faked a few tears. I ran around the house screaming and then I begged somemore. My poor husband lol ;)

Scott told me to think about it somemore but that I knew I wasn't allowed to have a dog in our appartments and so on and so forth. So I proceed to text the owner and ask her questions and had her send me a few more pictures. For the second time in my 2o years of life it was love at first site. Scott told me that while I have been at school he's been selling extra car parts online. He went to our money jar and pulled out a few hundred bucks and told me that he had been saving up for my puppy. (The deal was I could get one when I got my associates and we moved back to Seattle) Well at this point it was all down hill. I had to have her!!

I called the owner and Scott and I had planned on driving to Utah to pick my little baby up on Saturday. Fastforward a few days...I was on my death bed, had no voice and coughing like a chain smoker. Well I couldn't be stopped so Scott and I met up with the owners Saturday afternoon and I bought my little baby girl.

(pronounced sugar) Snooki (yes I love Jersey Shore) Gray Her mom is a Maltese shih Zue mix (6lbs) and her dad is a tea cup yorkie (2lbs) The vet said she wouldn't be anymore then 5 pounds and that she might not even get that big. She is 1.75 pounds of fluff, attitude and pure puppy love!She isn't yappy or an annoying ankle bitter. We love love love her and feel like we're actually a family now! And even though we have to hide her because it's against our appartment far so good. She thinks shes tough as heck but she is honestly one of the whimpiest puppies ever! She wakes up in the night and wants to play so she licks our faces and bites our ears. But she is healthy and beautiful and doing so well on her potty training....well enough said I'm a puppy momma and love it! And I don't care what you say she is the cutest puppy in the whole world! And the best part?! She'll always be this cute and small!!


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