Monday, August 23, 2010

As good as it gets

Lots of kissing

Scott's best friend

The gray family

The blue angels fly by

My daddy

The best parents

I may or may not be just a little jealous

The best friends anyone could ever ask for!

My little sister

Stepping on my dress

I've always wanted older brothers!

Stealing a kiss

My family

I wore Nikes...did you expect anything different?

The three best friends that anyone could have!
Rexburg to Seattle to vancouver BC then back to seattle then to utah and down to rexburg home to star valley and back to Seattle! My life has been spent in the car the last three weeks or so! Anyways! Life is better than ever, Scott and I were sealed in the Seattle washington temple on Aug 7th and thus begins our happily ever after! I love being married! I love my big stinky bear more then anything in the whole world! May the adventures begin!

A few pics from the last few weeks!


  1. Yay! You're married! Congrats you guys! Kirsten, you look absolutely beautiful and so happy! Sorry we missed your reception! We really wanted to be there, but it was my Gpa's 80th b-day party that same day in Boise. I do have a gift for you though. I will get it to you parents or send it with Amy Simpson's gift. Enjoy! Have fun! You guys deserve it!

  2. Kirst you look beautiful! I am so happy for you! Being married is totally the most amazing thing in the world! As for the Nike's haha best choice ever, as they say great minds think alike!

  3. oh yaya!!! you look gorgeous! i loved being there for every second of it! and i love you! love love love! i am glad you are finall y going to be settled in a bit... hope you are enjoying seattle enough for the both of us :)