Monday, July 12, 2010

These are the moments

So I've been slacking...but a quick catch up on Scott and I. I finish my first year of college in 11 days! I get my temple recommend this coming sunday! Scott comes to get me from school on the 24th and then we'll finally be together! I'll be living in Seattle til my wedding on August 7th. Life is crazy right now with finals coming up, work and planning the finishing touches on my dream wedding! I just want to say that I seriously have the best mother in this whole world! Her and my aunt Lala and countless others have been slaving away to make this the best day ever! I honestly don't know how i'll ever repay either of them for their endless love! Countless late nights and hundreds of dollars and hours spent on me! I LOVE YOU BOTH! promised more engagement pictures!


  1. LOVE them! You guys are so cute. I can't wait for you to get married!